Thompson Badminton Club

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Welcome to the official website of "Thompson Badminton Club". We have created this website for our club members to provide them with all the information and to keep them update with our upcoming events. We will be providing you with all the information that you need regarding to "Thompson badminton Club", not only that, but also we will provide you with all the information about the high school tournaments for this season. As you will move on from page to page you will find yourself behind the scenes of "Thompson Badminton Club" and that is what we are looking for to provide you. I hope you will enjoy the website have fun while you visiting.

Club Resources

Well, when it comes to what resources we have, i think we have the best resources provided for our club members and students. If you think about it that, people in Thompson are getting lessons from the provincial coach every once a year then i think you will realize that "yes they really do have great resources available in sucha small town". I think badminton student's are the only one getting help from provincial coach at the moment who comes to Thompson every once a year. I mean there are other sports but i think the credit goes to the team coach who has provided his students with such great facilities. Nevertheless, the team coach, "Todd Harwood" i think he has done a great job over the last four to five years, he worked really hard with his recent group and even now he is providing all what he can for his students and members.

Club History

"Thompson Badminton Club" has been running for a long time now. Lot of people came during their times and had a great time at the club.

Club's Mission

Our mission is to get as many member as possible for the club to keep it going, though we do have lot of junior members but our senior members are more valuable for us in order to keep the club on going. However, junior members are also valuable for our club and they are given full access to all the sevices provided by the club management. Our goal is to attract more people into badminton, i think over the last few years we had a huge amount of people joining the club and specially the young generation. Juniros have been always ahead of everyone, they come out consistantly and play around with friends and other club members, and i think it will help these kids a lot by the time they will get to the certain age when they will have to play at the higher level. They learn quick and i think it's not only good for themselves but also for the high school.